120mm Parachute Regiment Drop Order – 1944.

Model: Parachute Regiment Drop Order – 1944.
Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models
Scale: 120mm
Price: £30.00

Produced by Mitches Military Models and sculpted by Maurice Corry.. this resin 120mm figure is a work of art. The casting is superb with next to no air bubbles, the sculpting is also stunning so a credit to both involved.

Looking at the parts in the box, you get 10 parts of resin – the head, arms, a leg, rifle, parachute, x2 straps, a hand and the main body/leg bag. As you can see, you receive this kit in a nice strong cardboard box with a photo depicting what the figure looks like, 2 lots of bubble wrap for protection and a ‘sandwich’ bag for the resin parts. Next to no filling required for the main parts, however, the rifle will need a good clean up and some minor work to make good, straps will also need some work but nothing to major.

Casting is first rate in a matt finished off-yellow resin, with small casting lugs that will need minimal clean-up. The figure itself has a casting section to replace the left leg & a largish block under the leg bag, a fine razor saw here will do wonders. The head & hand will need a little more attention when removing, as will the rifle.

Onto the photographs.


If you have taken the time to read my review, please feel free to leave feedback, good or bad. I am always looking to improve.

Many thanks.


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