Malta Air Show, Night Shoot…

I was extremely lucky to be able to get the chance to do a night shoot on the Saturday of the Maltese Air Show weekend. It really was a huge bonus to the trip as the actual night shoot was on the Friday, but I could only get to Malta after the shoot, around 00:00hrs. So a huge thanks to all that made it possible. I was greeted by a small amount of aircraft, but the quality outweighed the quantity by far…. Polish TS-11 Iskras’, x3 King Airs (one being a Royal Navy Avenger, an RAF ‘special’ and a Armed Forces Malta Beech 200 MPA), French Navy Falcon 50, a visiting (Brand new on delivery) Portuguese Air Force Casa CN-295 MPA, a Polish Navy M-28 and the stars of the show, x2 Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-27’s & support IL-76MD. This night alone was worth the late nights and early get ups that was involved in getting to and from Malta, a weekend I won’t forget for a long time.

Simply click on the photo below to view the rest of the photos!

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