My name is Radleigh Bushell

Having a big break from modelling, I spent 8 years as an aircraft painter in the RAF, plus 4 years working in the film industry and in that time I never touched one single kit. Making a slow come back in 2010, I try to do as much modelling as one person can, trying to fit it around running a business six days a week and having a life.

I’ve only made a handful of models in my time, all which are now sadly destroyed or heavily damaged. I got myself back into modelling with a Trumpeter Mil-4 in early 2010, making good progress with it as I was off work at that time. When applying the finish I came across a problem with the kit, that the boom plastic wasn’t playing ball, so in a rash decision I stripped the whole aircraft of it’s paint and started again. Having managed to get the boom to finally stick together, the aircraft is now getting the stressed look finish as it is going to be modelled on an abandoned, disused airframe. When building this kit, I learnt a lot in a small amount of time and have realised where I want to go with my modelling. Over the last year (2011-2012) or so I have entered into the world of vacform and resin kits.

My plan for this website is to grow it slowly over time featuring different techniques, airbrushing & modelling from a various range of models, month by month. Finished models will have there own gallery which will also be archived for reference and new visitors to the site.

I hope that modellers & artists will find this website enjoyable and useful…

Kind regards.


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