Amodel An-30 Clank #72103

Model: Antonov An-30 Clank
Manufacturer: Amodel
Scale: 1:72
Kit Number: 72103
Price: £48.99

The only manufacturer offering this aircraft in this scale and in three boxing’s. In this release you get 17 sprue’s moulded in light grey, a tiny 2 piece etch fret, 3 clear sprue’s, a decal sheet covering 1 aircraft and the typical Amodel instruction booklet (12 pages).

The moulding is nice and crisp with finely scribed detail but with a little flash in areas. You can see by looking at the sprue’s and how the kit is broken down that it’s split in areas to cover the An-24, An-26 and An-32, all of which share various parts. There is a nice cabin included which gives you the basic layout of the raised cockpit and navigators area, which when built I would imagine is quite visible through the glass nose.

There is no mention of weight needed and with the glass nose it does limit where you can put weight, but looking at the instructions, aft of the forward bulkhead for the navigator and under the cockpit floor looks the best option. Weighted wheels are also included in the kit which are a nice addition, having not owned a Amodel kit in 1/72nd before I’m unsure if this is a new thing or something ongoing?

Overall, this is a lovely kit of a Cold War veteran and with some time and patience it will build into a great kit.. I can’t wait to get this onto my bench to get started..

If you have taken the time to read my review, please feel free to leave feedback, good or bad. I am always looking to improve.

Many thanks.



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