For my photography I use a Canon 60D and I am going to show you how to photograph and get the best out of the DSLR. You will need some photo editing software too, I know that Adobe are offering Elements free at the moment via a download! Although correctly exposed photographs straight out of the camera (SOOC) are good enough for most people, especially if you are just using them for social networking or for personal use.

The camera in question, a Canon EOS 60D (DSLR)


With this, you will also need the following.

A Tripod,
An essential tool especially for indoor photography if you do not have great lighting. You can pick these up fairly cheap online but it all depends on what you want to spend. For indoor use you do not have to spend much so long as it has a tilt head, strong legs that are extendible (to the height that you plan on taking a photo..) and good clamps on the legs to prevent movement. You will be using a slow shutter speed, so keeping the camera still is an absolute must.

You will need some form of light for any good photo, this can be natural light from the garden/outdoors, indoors with lamps, or just the room light(s) using a decent daylight bulb. I prefer shooting inside my modelling room as I use a good mixture of daylight bulbs in ordinary lamps, studio lamps and the light in my modelling room along with an external flash… You will also want to invest in some backing card so you have a smooth all one colour background.

An External Flash, this is a luxury item so it depends on your budget as they range from £60 second hand to £500+ brand new.

(This camera and many others have a pop up flash, it’s not something I recommend using. However if you do want to use the pop up flash it may be worth investing in a diffuser to avoid any washout or high contrast on the subject you are photographing.)

You have a vast choice in lenses to choose from for example I use a Canon f/1.4 50mm prime lens, Canon f/2.8 100mm Macro prime lens, Tokina f/2.8 11-16mm Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) and my standard kit lens a Canon 18-55mm. However if your camera did not come with a lens they can be bought for around £60-70 second hand. If the budget does not allow you to use numerous lenses you could use the Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS L due to the fact it is a lovely great all-rounder, and priced well second hand.

As I mentioned in the lighting, you will need a backdrop, not only will this help focus onto the subject but it will also remove unnecessary clutter from the background. I use blue and white backdrops. Blue and other coloured sheets of large card are around £2.50 from Hobbycraft, or if you have the space you could even build a makeshift area to photograph. I’ve built a 3’x2′ area that has been painted white in the corner of my modelling room so it’s out the way, clean and easy to use.

Image Editing Software,
I use Photoshop CS3 for JPEG’s and Lightroom LR2 for RAW files, the LR2 was a present from a photographer friend, it is a little outdated but good enough for basic editing. I would imagine you can also pick this up cheap on eBay. Photoshop CS3 is now also out of date but good for what I need, newer more updated versions are available to buy from most online computer shops etc.







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