Exhaust staining

Exhaust staining can make or break a model, especially something like a Skyraider. In this tutorial I’ll show you how I do an exhaust stain on an aircraft using a range of techniques and paint layers.

Exhaust stains vary with each aircraft for many reasons. Piston engines, turbo prop, jet exhausts all give off an array of colours onto the wing or fuselage. When it comes to doing the exhaust stain and you want it doing right, do a little bit of research to see how the exhaust flows over the wing, or down the fuselage and also the colour.

For example, turbo props give off a slightly brown/orange tint to the stain, whereas piston engines give off more a black/grey stain.

First off, the kit I will be using is Revell’s 1/72nd B-17G. I’m choosing this kit for a few reasons, one I love B-17 exhaust stains that they portray over the wing, they are often modelled with exhaust stains coming from the wrong area (intercooler outlets) and lastly, the vast area that the exhaust stain covers.


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