He-111 H-6

Hasegawa’s kit boxed by Revell and what a lovely little kit it is too! I decided at the start of 2014 that I would build a kit straight from the box with no gimmicks, no scratch building, just a straight forward model and this was my choice..


Some progress photos during the painting stages.

Cockpit painted

Dry fitting of the wings.

Primed & Mr.Surfacer 500 on the wing/fuselage joins.

Black Green base coat on.

Slight colour error..

..that I couldn’t not sort out. Dark Green being applied.

Excess paint used on the underside to cause variation on the Light blue.

Splinter camouflage done, saving that canopy until last..

Selected decals on and Alclad Matt Kote on. Almost ready for a winter finish.

Trialling out some weathering without over-doing it. Note a touch-up on the canopy/fuselage join.

Winter distemper on, using the hairspray technique to create the worn look.

Another view of the winter distemper.

Nearly done for this weekends coming Scale Model World!

Another view… should be done by the 7th November, 2014.




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