Sanger IL-76/IL-82VKP scratch built conversion

Being the big Russian fan I am I had to look into what I could do for a IL-82VKP in kit form. Knowing there wasn’t a kit out there I was weighing up my options to either modify the expensive Amodel kit or ‘modify’ a vacform. In the end I went with the vacform as Sanger do two versions, both IL-76 and IL-78 tanker. I went with the IL-78 so I could use the spare refuelling parts later on, on another build (likely a Amodel kit). I have a lot of work ahead of me, tonnes of scratch building and a fair bit of shape correcting. It would probably make more sense to go down the Amodel route but with limiting funds the vacform sounds a better option and a lot more fun!

This isn’t going to be a weekend wonder as I won’t be rushing it (I don’t rush many things if I’m honest)…I would love a first class job when finished so it takes as long as it takes.

Here are some progress shots as it stands now (15/05/15), please feel free to leave a comment good or bad, I’m open to either!



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