Blackburn Buccaneer

This is a kit I’ve been waiting for, for a long time but actually in injection moulded and 1/32nd scale, but when one came along in 1/24th I simply had to have it! I’ve never built a resin kit before but I have several years experience working with it, so some might think I’m mad for doing this as my first but errors can always be fixed! Made by Stuart Harris, who has completely scratch built this and made into kit form, the quality is nothing short of superb. So top marks from me for his effort. It is a very basic kit comprising of various bulky bits of resin and a nicely etch brass fret, but that’s where the fun comes into it. Over the next few months, (maybe years!) you will be able to follow my progress through this very large kit. I shall do my best in supplying photos of everything I do, how I do it and what I use.

For anyone interested in buying this kit, please get in touch with Stuart via email at –

Kind regards,








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