AZ Model Let-410UPV

Model: Let L-410 UVP Turbolet
Manufacturer: AZmodel Plastic Kits
Scale: 1:72
Kit Number: AZ 7493
Price: £21.99

Originally produced by Gavia back in 1997, re-released by AZmodel Admiral and now AZmodel with new decals, corrected resin nose and etch fret.

Looking in the box, you get three sets of light brown sprue’s, one clear sprue, a tiny 37 piece etch fret, a corrected resin nose, small folded A4 instructions and a decal sheet covering x3 different aircraft. CCCP-65700, OK-ODL & RF-00858.

This kit, despite it’s age is looking well with nice crisp engraved panels lines and next to no flash. With the three aircraft that can be replicated, you have the choice for a rear full of cabin seats, or empty for the skydiving aircraft (RF-00858), also included are x2 options for different engine configurations, x3 or x5 bladed.

Onto the resin nose, this corrects the nose so it now has the three lights on the front (with the clear part included also on the clear sprue). The engraved lines are slightly deeper than the kit panel lines so this will need to be taken into consideration when fitting. Every nose will be different due to it being resin (PUR), but this sample has some very small air holes in the surface, so just check it over before priming.. nothing a quick skim of filler won’t sort.

Lastly, I’ve been wanting a Let-410 to build for some time and when I saw this kit with the RF-00858 decal option, it was a must have. Please keep an eye out soon for a full build.

If you have taken the time to read my review, please feel free to leave feedback, good or bad. I am always looking to improve.

Many thanks.



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