Luchtmachtdagen 2014

PH-BGG awaiting us to board.

Unknown ID on the KLM B747, seen whilst landing at Amsterdam.

ArkeFly B767, PH-OYJ



Cockpit of PH-BGG at Amsterdam.

I only attended the airshow on the Saturday 21st June… The free entrance, display and participants definitely means I’ll be going again.

PBY-5A PH-PBY arriving from Lelystad – The Catalina Foundation

C-47A PH-PBA seen arriving – DDA Classic Airlines.

Onto the display aircraft.

PH-PSI powers away for the first display.

Part of the Fokker 4 display team.



Alouette 3 A-275

Czech Air Force L-159

Arke B787 Fly-by with RNLAF F-16

B787 missed approach..

B787 Arke

MD-11 PH-KCE does a fly past with a KDC-10 (to far apart for a single photo)

KDC-10 T-235 following the MD-11

Fantastic display by the Do-228, seen here banking around for a landing.

MK356 Spitfire LFIX BBMF

PS915 Spitfire PR Mk XIX – BBMF

BBMF Spitfires crossover.

BBMF Flypast.

Lovely Slovakian Mig-29 topside!

Belgian Air Force F-16 in some nice light.

Greek Air Force F-16 does a drastic pull up from take off..

One of my favourite top sides from the weekend. DHHF Hawker Hunter F.6A

DHHF Hawker Hunter F.6A

Final display of the day, the Swiss Air Force F-18.

Perfect ending – coming through the clouds, vapour and smoke!

Static display.

PH-PBA seen sat waiting, getting ready to depart Gilze Rijen.


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