Modelkraft 2015

All photographs contained within ‘RB Model Werx’ are the exclusive property of Radleigh A Bushell and are marked as such with ©RadleighBushell RB Model Werx on each photograph, no photograph is to be used without prior permission. If you would like to use my photos, please contact me via Facebook @ RB Model Werx

If you like my photos I’m also on Facebook so please like my page to get updates on future shows that I’ll be attending etc, Many thanks!


One thought on “Modelkraft 2015

  1. Hi Rad, nice shots despite your bad back!…

    I remember Vanguard G-APEP operating into Manchester (Ringway as it was then) in the late 60’s when I was a
    junior spotter, Air France, Sterling and Alitalia Caravelles too!…I recall an Air France Caravelle popping a drag chute one freezing cold January day which was quite unusual, no idea how they would have repacked it!

    Those red wings on BEA aircraft of the time were so evocative, shame they stopped at the Trident, imagine an A380 with a similar livery?….be nice to see a “retro” scheme on one.



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