Modelsvit 1/72nd Be-12

Model: Beriev Be-12 Mail
Manufacturer: Modelsvit
Scale: 1:72
Kit Number: 72012
Price: £54.99

The third manufacturer offering this aircraft in this scale but the first in injection moulded, the other two being a Sanger Vacform & the RVHP resin kit. In this release you get 17 sprue’s moulded in light grey, small piece of etch fret, 2 clear sprue’s, a decal sheet covering 2 aircraft, rubber tires and a lovely instruction booklet with CAD type illustration (12 pages).

The moulding is by far the best I’ve seen from Modelsvit, crisp with fine detail and next to no flash in. There is a nice cabin included which gives you the basic layout of the cockpit and navigators area, which when built I would imagine is quite visible through that lovely glass nose. Looking through the instructions you have 51 stages of assembly starting off with the cockpit. On the decal sheet, you have a fair amount of cockpit instruments/panels to add, along with x2 seats, 2 piece control columns, centre consul, IP, rear wall & navigators area. Rear tail-planes and main wing sections before you get to stage #23 to #28, this is the complex undercarriage that will look very smart when done, I love how Modelsvit have engineered this.. minimal detail/fine wire will be added to make it look that little bit better when I get round to this. Stages #29 to #34 are the engine nacelles fitting to wings, centre wing section, floats and fuselage cabin details. The fuselage is made up from x3 sections, the glass nose, mid-centre section main & rear section with wheel and MAD boom, by the time you’ve reached stage #42, things are really coming together and you should have something fairly large resembling a Be-12! Stages #43 to #51, small details are added from the spats, more undercarriage, rear wheel, propellers, pitot tubes etc

Some of the plastic on my kit is dirty with marks showing, so some care before starting will be needed with a quick wash of the parts. The main fuselage sections do not come on a sprue, these have already been cut off back in the Ukraine and my example will need some filler where the sprue gates have been cut off. I can imagine this will differ on all kits too.

Two colour schemes included are; Russian Navy Red 30 & Ukrainian Navy Yellow 02

Paint colours required are supplied in Humbrol paint codes and if you would like to check your paint stock before buying this kit they are:

A – Humbrol 33 Black
B – Humbrol 147 Light Matt Grey
C – Humbrol 34 Matt White
D – Humbrol 27003 Polished Steel Metalcote
E – Humbrol 11 Silver
F – Humbrol 127 Ghost Grey
G – Humbrol 208 Signal Green
H – Humbrol 153 Red
I – Humbrol 154 Yellow
J – Humbrol 101 Mid Green
K – Humbrol 129 US Gull Grey
L – Humbrol 26 Matt Khaki
M – Humbrol 53 Gunmetal

I’m very pleased to have this kit, I have been after a injection moulded Be-12 for forever, so I can’t thank Modelsvit enough… I would love to know what else they have planned! I will be building this kit to take to Scale Model World 2015 so please look out for some progress through the year.


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