Ed Force One visits the UK..

Sadly, not the photo opportunity that I wanted but I had to make do with what time I had. I popped over to East Midlands late on the 12th June to get some photos of Ed Force One, Iron Maidens private jet which is flown by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Nice to be able to get so close to this old B747-400.. The paint job on the tail is something else! I just wish I had more time to be able to have got a decent day time photo, Maybe next time?

Bruce and his band are visiting the UK for ‘The Book of Souls World Tour’, playing at the Download festival, Donnington Park.


*New for 2016* – Aircraft Walkarounds!

I have just finished my first walkaround photos & the first subject is a Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, preserved locally at RAFM Cosford.

You can find the walkarounds at the top of the homepage, but you can also get there by clicking this link – https://rbmodelwerx.wordpress.com/aviation-walkarounds/ . It’s looking a bit sparse at the moment, but it won’t for too long…!

For anyone building the new Mach2 A.W Argosy, as I am.. THIS should come in very handy! Free to download, but please if reposting on a forum, Facebook etc please share my website link too! (https://rbmodelwerx.wordpress.com), it’s all I ask. Not to be used commercially.

Many thanks!



Jet Age Museum….

Photos from a recent visit to the Jet Age Museum down in Gloucestershire at Staverton Airport. A quaint little museum with some lovely bits on show, a shame about the weather during my visit but you can’t have it all! I will have to go back when I’m in the area if the sun is out.

The rest can be seen here – rbmodelwerx/jetagemuseum  along with more info on the museum with more photos, but for now here are two from the day..

Dumped Dash..!

During my 2 week holiday to Malta… apart from getting married I also went hunting for all things Aviation. Located not far from the airport itself, near to the Lufthansa Technik hangar is this, a ex-Tassili Airlines DHC-7 HB-IVX. Easily accessible to photograph, but you just have to watch out for rats..! Ask me how I know.

You could probably go in and on top of it (I wouldn’t recommend!), but I was short of time having just picked the parents up and needed to get back to the hotel, after a quick trip around the airport of course..

Some photos.

Vintage Fly In..

I popped down to Shobdon yesterday in Herefordshire for their annual Vintage Fly In, sadly due to other commitments I couldn’t stay too long, but while I was there some lovely aircraft arrived, along with others already being on the ground. To check out the rest of photos please see https://rbmodelwerx.wordpress.com/shobdon29may/

Geneva, 24th May – Part 1.

While I’m catching up with a backlog of photos, I thought I would share two photos from London Gatwick taken on the 24th May.. Air side photos from me are quite rare so I made the most while walking out onto my flight which was Geneva bound.  I was boarding the EasyJet A319 (HB-JYJ), but the Boeing B777 was sat next to us, too good an opportunity to miss.

More photos coming very soon, I have a lot to process!


Visiting Gloucester..

On the 8th May, I ventured down to Gloucester to visit a model show (photos very soon!) and nipped into Staverton Airport seeing as I was so close.. Quite happy to see a Beech 18 on the ground when I pulled up, G-BKGM which was painted in a ‘Bristol Airways’ colour scheme that I presume is painted like that for film work..

The rest that I photographed were G-WIZZ & G-GEZZ Jet Rangers, G-ODSA Bell 429 & N820DL Beech King Air 200.

Recent catch up on show photos!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the delay, a lack of computer has meant long delays in sorting my photos. Two recent galleries added to my site, and they are Cosford & Milton Keynes – Modelkraft.

To view the Cosford show photos please click the image –

..and if you would like to see my most recent photos from Milton Keynes, please also click the photo!

IPMS Gloucester Show this coming weekend so I shall be adding more photos in the next week or so..

Thanks for looking!


Staffordshire Moorlands Show

Please click on the image to view the gallery from the Staffordshire & Moorlands show 2015!

Cold War Jets at Bruntingthorpe.

This weekend just gone I attended the Cold War Jets day at Bruntingthorpe. I always try to visit this day as there is always something different going on and nothing beats an old Cold War warrior on full power feet from you.

Highlights from the weekend were seeing the Large Model Association there with a Victor and Vulcan, a jump seat ride in the ex-RAF VC-10 ZD241 and the new Romanian Air Force camouflage paint on the L-29 based there.

More photos in the gallery from Sunday and previous years can be found HERE.