Setting up for photography

Setting up for photography then. I shoot indoors religiously as I prefer it, but some may want to go outside if they don’t have decent light source within their house.

I often use the dining table, or the floor with either one or two big sheets of thin card (from Hobbycraft) laid out.


If you only have space for one sheet, that’s fine. They are big and can cover enough space for a small piston engine fighter in 1/32nd, twin engine 1/48th bomber, or a largish 1/72nd aircraft.


You can either set the sheet up so it’s leaning against something so that you get a smooth background, or if you’re using two sheets, overlap them and edit the photo in photoshop (or something similar) to remove the line. (I’ll show you how to do this later) If resting the sheet up against a box, or a wall you will need a coffee jar or something to hold it in place as it will just slide back down.


Once in place, you can go about setting the model up, a few photos below to show positions for different angles. I normally use Tamiya paint jars to rest a model if it has no undercarriage, say during a work in progress or if you don’t want a shadow under it, you can roll up some blue tac and lay the model on that so it stays level.


Once in position, you need to adjust your lighting if you are using lamps (any lamp will do). If you don’t have any lamps, try setting the model up under a light.



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