Welcome to RB Model Werx.

Monino, The Central Air Force Museum is under threat (One of the best collections of Aviation history on the planet) and will be closed for good, large aircraft types like the An-22, Mil-12,  Myasischev 3MD, Tu-4, Tu-114, Tu-144, Sukhoi T-4 & Tu-22M0 etc are all at risk due to their size and cannot be moved to another museum. They need everyones support to sign this petition.

Click HERE to go to Change.org to sign the PETITION.

Some photos taken from Russianplanes.net

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Small gallery from a recent visit to Malta during the Christmas Holidays, (where I got married!) taken at the Malta Aviation Museum.. They have a great selection of models on show and if you have never been to Malta you can now see them! If you would like to view the gallery just click me!

Latest model show gallery with over 200 photos from the 2 day event, Scale Model World held at the International Centre, Telford UK. For the rest of the gallery just go to > Scale Model World 2015

Photo of the week taken from Russianplanes.net – Click to view large.

Image Copyright – Aleksandr Komkov

Scale Water Bomber SIG

New to 2015 is the IPMS Scale Water Bomber SIG. The next best thing to Russian type aircraft, is aircraft that fight forest fires. They range from little single seat light aircraft, to old warbirds, fully loaded ex-passenger planes.. or specially made like the CL-215!
Our aim is to get as many kits built in 1/72nd  scale (all other scales welcome too) to show off the vast range of aircraft and helicopters used worldwide in various roles for the duty.


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