A selection of internet sites, forums and photographic databases. is my favourite place for all things Russian and Eastern European, over 100k photos in the database, some rare, some just stunning… Well worth looking through if you’ve never seen before, but it is in Russian throughout so you will need a browser that translates pages.


Flickr has millions of photos of pretty much anything you could possibly wish for. Just type into the search what you want and away you go. Check out the groups, plenty of Aviation groups too which are a good source for reference photos.

23064749835_206dc2b077 has strict uploading rules mean high quality photos, but a good source for reference photos of anything Aviation.


Prime Portal is probably the most famous out of all Walkaround sites, literally tonnes of high resolution photos to look through, a worthy site by any means!


If you are looking for history on any warbird, make sure this is your first port of call, a very useful site with tonnes of information and photos.


Kiwi Aircraft Images is a good reference ‘walkaround’ site that is fairly new to me this year (2015), most of the photos that I’ve seen are scans from photo prints dated from the late 1990’s which are low resolution but still very handy. Over 180 different aircraft types too..


Another great warbird photograph site that covers war time photos and more recent photos of aircraft preserved in museums around the world.


Britmodeller is one of the busiest modelling forums on the internet that I know of. Lots of traders, rumours, aircraft, cars, armour and reviews to look through, free membership too!


Large Scale Planes is another free forum for people who love large scale aircraft, lots of kit reviews, a Large Scale Planes kit database, walkarounds and much more!


Flory Models is a forum with a monthly subscription where you get lots of tips & video tutorials + much more..


The Aviationist throws up some interesting photos from time to time, which can be a help for modellers. If you are wanting photos of a certain type, put it into the search bar and see what it throws back at you, you might be pleasantly surprised.AVIATIONIST

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